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Police process car used in Lake Park robberies

November 22, 2005

Albany -- Albany Police confiscated the 1998 Lincoln Monday night after a WALB viewer called them.

James Carswell first spotted the Lincoln in the driveway of a warehouse behind his home on Porter Lane on Sunday.

When he saw the description of the car on WALB Monday night, he called police. "Kind of a fancy automobile to be left there. Sat there and sat there. I figured somebody would come back by Monday morning and pick it up. But nobody came by. Like I say, then I saw the report."

The passenger window of the Lincoln used in those Lake Park robberies is shattered, the front left bumper is dented and a headlight cover is broken.

Police say the Lake Park robbers stole the car Friday morning from a man they robbed in the 1200 Block of Firestone Drive in South Albany.

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