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Armed resident holds criminal for police

November 21, 2005

Albany -- Bill Mitchell, who live in the Rawson Circle, on the Avenues in North Central Albany, turned the table on two burglars, holding one at gunpoint until police arrived.

Barking dogs awoke Bill and Anne Mitchell around 1:30 Sunday morning. When Anne looked out, she saw two men in their backyard shed. "Earlier that day we had been talking about what happened to Mandy and Mike Flynn , and I was telling him how furious I was, and sick and tired of it," said Anne Mitchell.

Anne ran for her husband, but what she did not know was Bill was already in the yard confronting one of the burglars. Bill Mitchell said "I asked what he was doing. He kept running, and I just grabbed him when he ran by."

Because of those robberies, Bill had shown Anne where he kept his pistol, and she went and got it. Anne Mitchell said, "I said 'I got the gun honey, you want me to shoot him?' He said 'No, don't shoot him, just go call the Police.'"

Police arrested 18-year-old Michael Newsome and 19-year-old Jason Word, and charged them with burglary. Anne Mitchell said, "I think as citizens we are getting pretty tired of this happening. And we need some answers and some leadership that will step up to the plate."

Gang Graffiti is in the alley behind their Rawson Circle home, and Anne and Bill are mad that crime is so close. "It certainly is out of control. It doesn't scare me. I'm not scared," Mrs. Mitchell said.

She says the way to fight crime is to use tax money to build up the Albany Police. "They need the support and the resources to fight this."

Bill and Anne say they are mad about crime in Albany, and they stay ready to fight. "Maybe this neighborhood will get a bad reputation for the way they treat their criminals," said Bill Mitchell.

The Mitchells say they think most people are upset about the amount of crime in Albany, and want something done.

While the Mitchells were successful in catching the thieves, police say it's generally not a good idea to confront criminals. They recommend you leave that to them.


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