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Armed robbers targeting West Albany

November 19, 2005

Albany- Over the last week several armed robberies have occurred, including two last night within blocks of each other on Partridge and Flamingo. Residents throughout Albany should be extra vigilant. Albany police believe these robberies may all be linked. Earlier this week, there were also armed robberies along Eighth Avenue. Police say this is the time of the year when activity like this picks up.

It was around 8:30 p.m. Friday when Jermund Pollard and his mother in law pulled into the family's driveway along Partridge, what happened as they got out of the car in the family's carport shocked both.

"They had a gun right in front of my forehead, asking for my money and they asked for me to lay down on the ground, and I did that," said Jermund Pollard, Victim.

The armed robbers asked if he had any cash or any type of valuables, the answer was no.

"So, then they snatched my mother in law's pocketbook and dumped everything on top of the trunk of the car going through the different type of belongings," said Pollard.

With nothing found, the suspects fled to a waiting tan colored Lincoln Town car and did the same thing at this house on Flamingo.

"They were in their late teens, early twenties," said Pollard. Jermund tried to get a good look at the two, but they were wearing bandanas. "From their nose down, so it was hard to distinguish whether they had facial hair or what type of facial feature they had," said Jermund.

Police say, there are some thing you can do as you arrive home to keep yourself safe, like blow the horn.

"Leave a light on, on your porch or in your driveway. Be careful when you lift your garage door. Look around you before you get out of your car and let your garage back down," suggests Lt. James Williams, Albany Police Department.

Albany police say this is the time of the year when these types of crimes occur and urge citizens to be more alert.

"A lot of times were not aware of our surroundings and that's when they can catch you off guard," said Williams.

A hard lesson for one neighbor to learn.

"Taking for granted that this is a nice neighborhood, you just don't think something like that will happen in front of your own house, or in this neighborhood, but it can happen anywhere," said Pollard.

Albany police say though they're short on manpower, they plan to put extra officers on patrol out in the neighborhoods being targeted. They're also asking for the community's help. If you've seen or know of suspicious activity you're asked to call the Albany Police.






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