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Santa comes to town

November 18, 2005

Albany-- You may have heard the jingle of sleigh bells and a jolly old elf's ho ho ho's. Santa Claus touched down at the Albany Mall bringing joy and sometimes tears to children of all ages.

At the Albany Mall, 5-year-old Morgan Youngdale sings, "I know Santa's here. I know Santa's here. I know Santa's coming tonight. I know Santa's coming tonight."

Morgan is quite anxious. He says, "I'm really excited." He's excited for even just a glimpse of his favorite Christmas person. "I heard someone say that he was gonna come at 7 o'clock," says Morgan. By a little after 7, Morgan finally got his wish. Santa Claus arrived at the Albany Mall waving his familiar white-gloved hand to everyone as he passed by.

"He's really nice to everybody," says Morgan.

"I've been looking forward to it all day," says Santa Claus. Kids wait in a long line for the chance to get up close and personal with Jolly St. Nick. "What can they expect? A big old smile out of Santa," says Santa. Although he smiles, some shed a few tears.  But they all have requests. "Barbies, and tricycles and wagons," says Santa. "A swingset and a bear," says 5-year-old Timpess Ransom.

"He said what do you want for Christmas and I said my two front teeth," says 7-year-old Chelsea Morrow.

For some kids it's hard to decide but for Morgan, one thing is for sure. "I think I'm going to get lots of presents from him," says Morgan. He's confident this Christmas because he got an early sign from Santa.

Santa will be at the Albany Mall until Christmas Eve. You can catch him between the hours of 10 and 8 Monday through Thursday, Until 8:30 on Saturdays and from 1 until 6 on Sundays.



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