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Ashburn woman honors 9-11 victims, military

November 18, 2005

Ashburn- There's no doubt about it Nell Mathis is proud to be an American. 43:51 "USA all the way," she says.

If you take a look at her front yard you'd think it was Fourth of July, but her decorations have been up since 9-11. 43:40 "I felt like it was just my responsibility to show that I care."

It started with a teddy bear and quickly spread to every red, white, and blue object she could get her hands on, so many things she created a Freedom House for her collection.

"I would go to yard sales, my neighbor, my sister, church members, all these people came together and started giving me things once they found out that I was red, white and blue crazy," Mathis says.

She has everything from patriotic puzzles to Uncle Sam nutcrackers and everything in between.

"When they say what can I get you for your birthday or Christmas, I say something red, white, and blue of course."

Mathis even has a collection of patriotic clothing which includes ROTC fatigues and American flag accessories.

"I try my best to dress the American way every chance I get."

The retired teacher says though collecting is her passion, her Freedom House is dedicated to the 9-11 victims and members of the military, people she calls true American heroes.

Mathis even spent $500 at area post offices buying all the September 11th hero stamps she could before they were discontinued.


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