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Marine Base drills for terrorist attack

November 18,  2005

Albany -- What would happen if terrorists planted a bomb at Albany's Marine Base?

The base's emergency first response teams answered that question Friday, as they conducted an all day anti-terrorism force protection drill.

A simulated gas leak. Then a bomb is found in the gas tanks next to the convenience store at the Albany Marine Base, where the gas is leaking. "Here we go, we have three gasoline tanks, total capacity of 21-thousand gallons. There are 5600 gallons on hand. You've got failure of the pipes and control valves. You have flowing fuel into the sewer system."

Security forces take command, first clearing the area. " we also need to get the gym evacuated. CDC evacuated. PMO needs to be relocated to the CID office, ASAP."

 It's only a drill, but security forces treat it like the real thing. Gunnery Sgt. Sean Camonzs said "We don't know if there is a secondary device that puts a dispersion into the atmosphere. That could compromise lives as well."

Every year all military bases must hold terrorism exercises. Base Public Safety Director Major Dan O'Connor said "We're trying to exercise our functionality, and see where we can become better and improve. So in the event we have to provide this service or do it or ourselves, we are a better asset to the community."

 Military police evacuate the area, firefighters stand by at a safe distance, while bomb squads are called in. Drilling, getting ready in case terrorists ever do attack.

Camonzs said "You can never predict terrorism. We can only present a hard target."

 The Marine Base's first responders started their drill at two in the  morning, and ran all day.

 They practiced several different scenarios, to be ready if terrorists ever reach the Albany base.

In June another terrorism drill is scheduled at the Albany Marine Base, as America's military prepares in case of another attack.


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