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Valdosta proposes new noise ordinance

Novemer 18, 2005

Valdosta - The neighborhood around Rick's night club is quiet today, but Friday and Saturday nights, neighbors say it's a different story. "They're just really loud and yelling and people start fights out there so you can't sleep," said Brittany Smith.

 But that may change soon if the Valdosta city council passes a new noise ordinance. "It puts times and distances in the ordinance so its much clearer for all to understand," said Larry Hanson, City Manager.

The city's noise ordinance was recently challenged in court and the judge threw out the case, saying the policy was too vague. That prompted city leaders to draft a new, more specific ordinance. It basically states that excessive noise shouldn't be heard 300 feet away from businesses or homes during the day, and 100 feet away after 11 p.m.

That also goes for vehicles. "It's sound volume generally produced by radio, tape players, mechanical sound making devices, or other instruments within the motor vehicle," said Hanson.

But it does allow for exceptions during special events like sporting events and festivals. "For example if the community is having the Azalea Festival in the park, they'd apply for the permit and be granted a permit that may have some conditions in it," said Hanson.

Violators will be warned after the first complaint, but after that, they'll be fined. "I would say a minimum fine of around $100 and a maximum of about $500," said Hanson.

City council will vote on the ordinance at their meeting on Monday.

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