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School police force saves money

November 17, 2005

Albany - A Dougherty County School Board member says the new school police force will save taxpayers money and keep students safer. David Maschke says the school system will spend about $980,000 on the police force this year. That's about $230,000 less than the system spent on security last year when APD, DCP and Sheriff's deputies helped patrol the schools.

"Even with the purchase of the equipment and all, we're still anticipating spending less than last year but not much less. Yet even if we spend the same amount as we did last year, our coverage is much improved and having the accountability of the officers is well worth it," said Maschke.

Maschke says the new police force reacted quickly and appropriately when shots were fired near Albany High School earlier this week.

The school police force has five new cars and the old school administration building on Flint Avenue is being turned into police headquarters.


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