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Students get real-life history lesson

November 16, 2005

Tifton- Jousting, tossing cabers, and juggling. Tift County High School brought lessons about the Renaissance and Medieval eras to life.

Students not only dressed up, but performed, cooked food and created items they've learned about in the classroom.

"A lot of the booths give out educational material. For example where we're selling roast pork, we hand out little fliers about how important pork was to the medieval society," says festival organizer and British Literature teacher Holle Abee.

Several knights demonstrated how to turn wire into intricate chain mail.

"First I take wire and spin it around a steel rod into a coil. Then I cut it with a little rotary tool. I cut it down the center and then I have these. Then I put them together in whichever pattern I need to put it together in," explains Anthony O'day.

"This is his life line. He has a pretty long life. It goes all the way to the end, and that pretty much means you're going to live to your elder years. You have a lot of different relationships. I don't really see you settling down any time soon," Kellie Kountis tells a student as she reads his palm.

The Medieval/Renaissance Festival gave Kountis a chance to put her fortune telling and palm reading hobby to use.

"I'm kind of self taught. I got interested in it, and I started studying books with it," Kountis says.

.Whether demonstrating or just enjoying a day outside of the classroom, organizers say the event gives students a rare hands-on history lesson. E

To make sure the festival wasn't just fun and games, Abee says she has designed a quiz that has been emailed to all the teachers to use in their own classrooms.