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Wildcats will get bigger bill from City in 2006

November 16, 2005

Albany - Albany leaders say the South Georgia Wildcats will foot more of the game bill during the team's second season.

During the first season, the civic center spent more than $61,000 paying security, ticket takers, and other game staff. But by contract, the team only had to repay the city $21,000. A provision in city's contract with the Wildcats calls for the team to pay the entire cost of game workers for the second season.

Commissioners also want the team to pay more rent for office space or move out.

"The Wildcats office is in the Arthur K. Williams Microbusiness Center," said City Commissioner Bo Dorough. "There should be a lease with the Wildcats, and there should have been a lease before they went into center. That's something that needs to be addressed immediately."

The city lost money on the Wildcats this year, ending up about $226,000 in the hole. But the biggest expense was buying and installing the football field, a one time cost that won't hurt profits next season.

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