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Mark Taylor signs come down

November 16, 2005

Albany - Supporters of a gubernatorial candidate took down campaign signs that were in violation of Albany laws. Mark Taylor's office was given a week as of October 13th to remove campaign signs scattered around Albany.

The city's sign ordinance doesn't allow campaign signs to be put up until 60 days before the election. Code enforcement officials said Taylor's father, Fred Taylor, and some other supporters removed the signs.

"There were maybe 50, 60, and 70 or even more signs out there that we were not even aware of. They agreed to take them down within a one week period. They did that and called once they were down. We checked a few locations, and they had fulfilled their obligation and removed them," said Tracy Hester, Planning and Zoning.

Different cities have different sign rules, so you'll continue to see Taylor's signs up in surrounding counties.


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