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Teens arrested for shooting guns near Albany High

November 16, 2005

Albany-- Two people are now behind bars, accused of shooting guns near Albany High just before students got out of school. The school immediately went into a code red, locking down to keep kids safe.

It worked, but police say gang-activity is a problem in the area and they are working to make sure kids remain safe at Albany High.

Albany High Principal Sheila Marshall says the school is safe, though the neighborhood is questionable at times. "Where we're located that may cause concerns for others. The school itself is a wonderful school and it's very safe."

But gang activity near the school is a growing problem. "We have had some recent activity close to Albany High School and the particular hot spots are under surveillance," said  DCSS Police Chief Troy Conley.

And when something happens outside of the school that could endanger students, steps are taken to protect them. "Immediately when it was reported that there were shots fired in close proximety, we went into lockdown or code red," Marshall said.

Several people were questioned about the shooting and 17-year-old Dwayne Culbert and 19-year-old Desmond Oliver were charged with aggravated assault.

But had the shots been fired just minutes later, after school was out, there could have been a disaster. Someone could have been hurt, or worse. "I'm just very thankful that school had not ended for the day. I'm still feel very strongly that what we have in place would have secured all the students and the staff, but at the same time it was so much better that it happened when it did," said Principal Marshall.

But Marshall believes it would be best if activity like this never happened at all, and she says she will continue to work to make sure Albany High is a safe place.

Police say two juvenilles and an adult who had been interviewed about the shooting were arrested early this morning for stealing a car from 8th Avenue. They are not suspects in the shooting.

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