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Mega-millions fever sweeping south Georgia

November 14, 2005

Albany-Do you have it? The fever? The mega-millions fever? Tuesday night's jackpot is the biggest in mega millions history. Many of you spent a few bucks on tickets for a chance to win $315 million.

The odds of winning the jackpot are one in 175 million. Still, plenty of south Georgia lottery players are convinced they'll beat the odds and strike it mega-rich.

It's pretty busy inside one Albany Enmark. "I can't wait until this night is over," says cashier Tiffany Smith.

And it has nothing to do with lower gas prices. "Last night we grossed along $630 dollars in mega-millions alone. So I say probably triple that tonight," says Smith.

Customers hope to strike it rich in the third biggest Georgia lottery ever. "You got to play to win, you got to play to win," says one lottery player.

But some customers are taking the game a little to the extreme. So far Jason Gary has purchased eighty mega-millions tickets, and that's just today. Gary believes he's the next millionaire.

"A matter of fact, I'm going to the car lot in the morning, going to look at my car before I check my ticket, because I'm that confident," says Gary.

That confident, but hopes his health can stand the shock of winning. "I hope I don't have a heart attack and die. If I don't I'll probably do a few flips," says Gary.

"Guess I've got a good as chance as anybody," says Walter Hasty.

Hasty already knows what he's going to buy if he wins the mega-millions drawing.

"Houses, land, cars, that's a lot of money," says Hasty.

"I hope tonight we get the winner. I really do," says cashier Tiffany Smith.

While Tiffany and other workers can't wait till the night is over, she does have one request to the winner.

"Hopefully the store will get a portion of it," Smith says with smile.

If you missed Tuesday's numbers for the mega-millions drawing. They are: 2-4-5-40-48, and the mega ball is seven.


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