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South Georgia gas station fined for gouging

November 15, 2005

Adel-- For the first time since gas prices skyrocketed, the state fined several Georgia stations for price gouging.

Governor Sonny Perdue announced Tuesday that 15 settlements have been reached from gouging investigations done by the the Office of Consumer Affairs. In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, OCA received more than 3,000 complaints regarding price gouging in the state.

Adel Truck Plaza got the highest fine of the 15 gas stations cited. They were fined a total of $10,000. Workers at the station say they don't set the prices. It's done by their owner Tri-Star Petro.

"I'm trying my best to deal with customers because of course we have to give them refunds but I didn't know the prices," says Syed Askari.

"It's kind of an outrage to me because everybody had their heart on money and the gas like that. We're already pinching pennies," says customer David Tolson.

Mandatory signs are now posted at the station to let customers know they can get a refund if they have a receipt from certain days in September. The Office of Consumer Affairs is still investigating more than 100 potential cases of price gouging by gas stations. The fines collected will be deposited in the state treasury.

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