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Gas prices hit big low in Moultrie

November 15, 2005

Moultrie-- Gas prices are the talk of the town in Moultrie. Prices plunged way below the two dollar mark. The bargain prices have customers waiting it out in lines while stations battle it out to see who's lowest. 

You might say there's a gas war going on in Moultrie. "When you drive an SUV, you kind of have to watch your prices for gas," says driver Jan Bannister. At the US Food Mart, several cars compete for a spot next to one of only four pumps. "When I saw that $1.29, I said hey thats a pretty good price," says driver Jerry Ingle.

$1.29 a gallon for unleaded is Jerry Ingle's motivation for sticking it out in his first position at the pump but the pump ran dry hours ago. "Yeah, I'm just kind of sitting here waiting. They told me it might be here in 30 minutes or about an hour, something like that," says Ingle.

As many waited, the lines still grew. Workers removed the prices from the sign to get the lines down. Still, many continued to sit. "When I got here and she said well we're out, I said I'll wait because I have nothing else to do," says Bannister. Unfortunately, their waiting was in vain. About an hour later and still no sign of a gas shipment.

Right down the road, other drivers hit gasoline gold. The Express Mart received a fresh shipment of gasoline and offered customers a price of only $1.76 a gallon. "It's crazy. I tell you its $2.09 up the way so I figured I'd come here and get some cheap gas," says driver Will Pollard.

Drivers say that price was up from a low of $1.26 but the station raised it when US Food Mart ran out. Still customers wait in long lines for what they see as a good change. "I thought it was a good price. I thought I better get some while I need some," says driver Jan Kitchens.

So when it comes to quantity and fillups, it looks like the Express Mart wins this war. "I was grateful. I hope it continues. I don't know if it will but I hope it does continue," says Kitchens. By nightfall, the playing field up the road was as empty as it's pumps. There was still no gas but the war may begin again in the morning.

U-S Food Mart expected a shipment by midnight Tuesday. The manager says prices may be even lower. He admits there's a friendly competition going on to attract customers.



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