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Million dollar study says levee is the answer

November 15, 2005

Albany - The Corps of Engineers says building a levee is Albany's only option to prevent severe flooding, but not all city leaders agree. Tuesday, commissioners heard the results of a Corps of Engineers levee study. The study said building a levee on the west bank of the Flint River, south of the Civic Center, would stop flooding.

The levee would cost up to $36-million - a cost shared by the federal government but not by the Corps of Engineers. Some commissioners spoke out against the levee saying it's just too expensive, not a sure-fire guarantee, and could cause flooding on the east side of the river.

Commissioner Tommy Postell disagreed. "It's sounding like we're not going to promote this because it will cost the City too much," Postell said during the work session. "It cost the City too much for all those people to lose their lives and homes that had to be reconstructed. As for the $81-million brought into the City for the flood, 90% of it was used everywhere else except south Albany and that's where the flood was."

The City and County already spent more than a million dollars on the Corps of Engineers study which began in 1999. County leaders refused to give any more money for a levee study. City commissioners made no decision on the levee today.


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