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Drunk driver sent back to prison

Thomas Bass on the witness stand. Thomas Bass on the witness stand.

November 15, 2005

Lee County - Thomas Bass served six years after he crashed into 15-year old Christopher Brown as he rode his bike on a Lee County Road. In September, three months after being released, Bass was once again picked up for DUI. Tuesday, Christopher Brown's mother told the judge Bass's actions were a slap in her son's face.

When Thomas Bass was pulled over September 25th, he told a Leesburg police officer he had had a couple of drinks earlier that night, but that he wasn't swerving all over the road. Thomas Bass says, "I backed out into the road, put it in drive, went forward, and I never went off the road one time. I never even went over the center line. I swear."

But Bass registered above the legal limit in an alcohol test and on Tuesday the judge revoked the maximum amount of probation possible.

Assistant District Attorney Dan Bibler says, "When a person is on probation and commits non felony offenses, the law can be interpreted as such that it provides a two year maximum that they can be revoked for."

Before the Judge ruled, the mother of the teenager Bass was convicted of killing in 1999 addressed the court about his latest arrest. She says, "Your honor, that is a slap in my son's face."

Bass apologized to Tammy Brown and admitted he has a drinking problem. He said, "I have a problem. I have a bad problem and I'll stand here in front of everybody and say I do."

Bass also asked the court for serious rehabilitative therapy while he is imprisoned so he won't hurt anyone else. The judge also told Bass he plans to take away his driver's license for the remainder of his probation after he gets out of prison.

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