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Quick and easy flu vaccinations

November 15, 2005

Valdosta - Getting a flu shot has never been so easy. "It was great, its super organized and very fast," said Gary Lawson.

It's as simple as driving through the parking lot at Morningside Baptist Church and rolling up your sleeve.  "It's very convenient, you don't have to get out of your car, you don't have to make an appointment and its cheaper than going to your primary physician," said Valerie Swinson, Organizer.

That convenience brought hundreds of people out to South Georgia Medical Center's Drive Through Flu Shot Clinic Tuesday. In just their first three hours, they gave more than 600 shots! "It's never slow, the people keep coming," said Cindy Lewis, Pharmacist.

At times, the line wrapped all the way around the church. "We started at 7:00 this morning and we already had a line at 6:15," said Swinson.

The hospital organizes the event each year in hopes of cutting down on the number of flu cases they see. Because of the vaccine shortage, last year's clinic was canceled, bringing even more people out this year. "They're scared from last year, not having the vaccine and they're wanting to get their shot and get it early," said Swinson.

And now is the best time to get it. "Usually the flu season peaks between December and April in this area and this is the prime time to get your vaccine," said Lewis.

Even with the long lines, getting through only takes about 15 minutes. "You come in and they give you a couple of sheets to fill out, you fill it out, then drive on up and they shoot you real quick," said Lawson.

A quick and easy way to help you steer clear of the flu bug.

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