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Golden Corral says "thank you" to military

November 14, 2005

Albany-- It's days after Veteran's Day but the appreciation still pours out for members of the military. Monday night, it came in the form of a good meal.

Inside Golden Corral, cooks prepare meals of meaning for the military. "They can expect a big meal," says General Manager Susan Haythe. The big meals serve as appreciation. As the steak gets grilled and the smoke rises inside, the flag waves proudly outside.

"It never leaves you. It never leaves you," says Army veteran Charlie Taylor. The flag serves as a reminder for Taylor as he waits in a long line for an honorary meal. But he doesn't mind. He's been through much more. "Three tours of duty, Korea, one in Japan, the last one in Ethiopia," says Taylor. The wait gives him and other veterans the chance to reminisce.

"We used to shoot rabbits out here when I was a little boy," says Taylor. "South Slappey was dirt roads. Sears Roebuck was a catalog store and I think the population was like 20 or 22,000," says Marine veteran George Buttner. But all the reminiscing works up a big appetite. "Oh I don't know. I'll probably eat me some steak today," says Army veteran Berry Glenn, Jr.

Golden Corral feels it's a meal well deserved for all military personnel past and present. "I go places now and if I wear my hat, people come up and shake my hand and say thank you," says Buttner. The buffet serves as an extra thank you. "It's very nice. Appreciate it," says Army veteran Lee Johnson.

"You get to appreciate things as you grow older," says Taylor.

At this buffet, everyone's getting an extra serving. This is the fifth year that Golden Corral has offered free meals for the military around Veteran's Day.




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