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DOT program could pay for safety upgrades

November 14, 2005

Dougherty County- In the daylight it's even hard to see the white edge striping along Mud Creek Road, and it's the same case along several others. Painting the lines is just one of the areas where the Department of Transportation Safety Action Plan can help.

"This grant consists of a lot of different areas as striping, edge striping, center line striping, race pavement markers which are the little delineators that go down the road ," says Interim Public Works Director Larry Cook.

He urged commissioners to apply for the program which will allow them to make the safety improvements to up to 30 rural roads. This year DOT has even lowered amount counties would have to pay.

"I think they found that counties hadn't budgeted for the 60/40 split and they have reduced that participation to 75/25 to give counties a chance to budget and know what's coming. Now we're able to hopefully with the commissions approval participate in the safety program," Cook says.

Cook projects the county's portion to be about $37,000, an amount some commissioners is a good deal.

"A lot of times you see people run off the roads and sometimes it's not that tragic, but it happens all the time. It's a good deal for Dougherty County and the people of Dougherty County. Anytime you get 100% and put out 25%, it's good business sense," says commissioner Jack Stone.

"We're in competition with other counties too. So we're trying to get this passed through and get our submittal in where they can evaluate our roads," Cook adds.

The money is dealt out on a first come, first served basis, so Cook says the sooner commissioners act, the sooner improvements can begin to be made. The DOT sets aside $1 million for each district for the Safety Action Plan. Grants will be awarded until the money runs out.


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