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Inventor perfects slippers

November 10, 2005

Thomasville, Georgia-- An inventor in Thomasville may have a way to help make midnight snackers' trip to the refrigerator a little safer.

Doug Vick wants you to slip into his latest bright idea. "I'm the inventor of the BrightFeet slippers. They're very unique bedroom slippers. When you slip your feet into them at night, they automatically turn on. They have a little light," says Vick.

Vick came up with the idea for BrightFeet slippers by using his head, literally. "I got up one night and was headed back to the bed and I turned a little too quick and I bumped into the bed post. I actually hit my head and I hit it pretty hard," says Vick.

Just over a year later, BrightFeet was born. The company president says it's not a surprise Vick brought the idea to light so quickly. "I'm the apple that didn't fall far from the tree. He's my father. He's always been an inventor, for years and years," says Kevin Vick.

BrightFeet is no small feat. It's a combination of comfort and technology. "It has an LED in the toe. We've got a sensor on the side that detects light and darkness and a weight sensor in the sole. You can walk to get a drink of water, check on the kids, go to the bathroom. It projects light very very brightly," says the younger Vick.

That's similar to Vick's ideas, including his wide variety of fragrances for cars and homes. "My mind is always turns in trying to figure out how to make things a little easier, make life a little more fun," says Vick. And without a shadow of a doubt, a little safer too. BrightFeet have non-skid soles.

BrightFeet are being sold in all major J.C. Penny's stores nationwide, and in several catalogues. In fact, Vick will be on QVC Monday evening promoting the slippers.


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