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Counterfeit money in Moultrie

November 9, 2005

Moultrie--A warning about bogus bills. In recent weeks, police have found at least $700 in counterfeit money circulating around Moultrie.

An increase in bogus cash has businesses in Moultrie on guard. "I just started checking all my fifties, twenties, tens, and fives," says Beth Fraley.

At the Inland gas station, Fraley, says several customers have already tried using the fake bills.

"I had one little Mexican boy come in here, and he had a twenty dollar bill, and I checked it, and it came up fake. As I was reaching for the telephone to call the police he jetted out the door," says Fraley.

The counterfeit bills are showing up at businesses, including Harvey's supermarket, McDonald's, and this barbershop.

"The currency we're seeing now is twenties, and hundreds, I think we've had one or two fives, and several ten dollar bills," says investigator Trey Raynor.

Moultrie police are trying to figure out who's making the fake bills.

"We've got some leads in some directions, but we're looking into everything. We're really looking for the community to come forth," says Raynor.

Police are warning all businesses to examine their paper money carefully.

Using a special marker, you can easily detect a counterfeit bill. For example, a light mark on this ten dollar bill means the bill is real, a dark mark means it's fake.

"The paper isn't as high quality, print quality is another thing, color difference is another thing you look for," says Raynor.

Beth Fraley hopes police find whoever is responsible for circulating the bogus cash.

"They're not only jeopardizing themselves, but they're jeopardizing the whole community because who's going to come to our community and spend money if they think they're going to get counterfeit in return," says Fraley.

And while police have no suspects, they warn that if you're caught making counterfeit money, you will do time in jail.

If you see counterfeit money or know someone who's making bogus bills, you can call the Moultrie Police Department's anonymous tip line at 229-873-3198.


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