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Albany commission race ends in run-off

November 8, 2005

Albany - A long-time Albany city commissioner finishes second, but he still has a chance to keep his seat.

Twenty-two-year incumbent Arthur Williams will be in a runoff. Williams got 28% of the vote, earning 90 fewer votes than Morris Gurr. That political newcomer got 35% of the vote. He found a lot of support in neighborhoods recently added to the ward.

He didn't win out right, but Morris Gurr did grab enough votes to put him in a run-off with incumbent city commissioner Arthur Williams.

"When I saw that I was at 35% or so, I thought 'I'm in there,'" said Gurr. Now he must start a new race, with a new plan to win.

"There will be a lot more prayer going on and of course, there will be a lot more walking going on. We're have my advisory board getting together," Gurr said.

Gurr, like his opponent Arthur Williams, knows the importance of getting the support of the other three candidates who lost this race: Christopher Pike, Hank Young and Bob Washington.

"They were running against the same man I was running against so I would think they would want to support someone that was running against the man they were running against," said Gurr.

"I would ask for the support of those who we're successful with people," Arthur Williams said. "I applaud those for participating in a clean race - no personalities, strictly facts."

Williams wasn't surprised the packed race ended with a run-off. He says must start campaigning first thing tomorrow, hitting the streets to talk to the voters.

Williams said, "Where there are those areas other feel I need to be strengthen, I ask them to help me strengthen. That's all I can do, my record speaks for itself."

It will now be a battle of the precincts. Morris Gurr got 67% of his votes for voters at the Covenant Church precinct which is new to the Ward three, added after redistricting. The run-off is set for December 6th.


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