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Man carrying cross attracts attention

November 8,  2005

Lee County   -- If you've driven around Lee County, you've probably noticed a man carrying a twelve foot cross.

Obadiah Franklin has been walking up and down Highway 19 North the last few days carrying the huge cross.

The 57 year old minister started carrying the cross in Shelbyville, Tennessee three years ago to attract attention. It works well. While we were with Franklin a number of people stopped to talk and pray with him.

Franklin says God instructed him how to make his cross, and pursue his ministry. Franklin said "He said 12 feet long and eight feet wide. He told me the specifics. The nails, the blood. Then he said I want you to buy an all red outfit which symbolizes the blood of Jesus. And there is power in the blood of Jesus."

Franklin says one part of his ministry is praying for all the cities he visits. He plans to walk up and down Lee County and Albany roads for the rest of the week.


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