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Candidates press last minute flesh

November 8, 2005

Albany-- For candidates, election day is a day of last minute campaigning in hopes of swaying those undecided voters. Each candidate battling for Albany's Ward Three commission seat woke up with morning with a plan to win the packed race.

And most of them rounded up their supporters and hit the streets.

Candidate Hank Young waves at drivers at one of Ward Three's most traveled areas, the corner of South Slappey and Gordon. "It's just a good thing to tell people get out and vote regardless of what the outcome is. We just want the participation, we need to raise the percentage of people that vote," Young said.

He hopes those honks and waves from drivers are a good sign he has their support at the polls.

Candidate Christopher Pike takes a break from campaigning outside polling sites just long enough to vote. "Just standing on the street corners waving our signs. Just getting to those last minute voters who haven't made up their minds yet. We're trying to make sure they go in their with a good conscience and pick a good candidate," said Pike.

Just down the road at Carver Gym, candidate Bob Washington also casts his ballot. A joking poll worker reminded him to vote for the best candidate. "The message is out there. I think the voters already know who they want by now. I think it's just a matter on waiting for seven o'clock ,then we'll all know."

But waving signs and campaigning wasn't on Morris Gurr agenda. He spent the day doing yardwork with his biggest supporter, granddaughter Olivia. "I've really done the best I can running the race and pounding the pavement. I felt like I've touched about 75% of the ward just knocking on doors. So, I believe I've gotten my message out."

The only candidate we couldn't catch up with today is 22-year incumbent Arthur Williams, but his supporters were out.

For these five candidates, every minute could mean another vote so their campaigning won't end until the polls close. George Hawthorne dropped out of the Ward Three race. So if you're about to go vote, don't let his name on the ballot throw you off.