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Voters mostly avoid polling places

November 8, 2005

Albany-- The polls have seen little activity on this election day in many Southwest Georgia cities and counties.

In Albany, two city commission seats will be decided, but election workers say the voter turnout is very low.

Poll workers at Precinct One at the Palmyra United Methodist Church described the day as slow.

Poll Manager Robert Wells said "Two or three at a time. Then we'll have a lull for about ten or fifteen minutes. Then we'll have two or three more."

By 11:00, only 56 of the 1,546 registered voters at that precinct had voted. Nancy Hill Bates said voters should care more, because every election is important. "Well there was a choice. I just always vote. I usually have an opinion, but I feel like I'm supposed to vote."

Eula Price said she wants to make a difference. "Always cast your ballot for the person that you think will be the best person for the position."

Voters from both Wards Two and Three were able to vote at Precinct 18, the Phoebe Education Building, but still voters were sporadic. At ten, about 30 of the 1,536 registered voters had cast ballots. Poll Manager Malissa Jordan said "The election is going the way we expect it to be."

Most of the voters who did come to the polls said it's important to make their voice heard in every election. Karen Kiefer said, "My Daddy was in five major battles in World War II, and I think I grew up believing you are supposed to do. As a citizen you are supposed to vote."

Willie D. Jones said, "I want to see the city move in a new direction. Albany is going to grow if everybody pull together. So many people complain but they never come in this place and vote."

Election workers termed the voter turnout so far "very low." No one ran against incumbent Bob Langstaff for the Ward Five Commission Seat, so he was automatically named the winner with no ballot.

There are two candidates in the Ward Two city commission race. In Ward Three, there are five candidates seeking the city commission seat now held by Arthur Williams. If there is a run off needed, it would be held December Sixth.


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