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Fun run honors fallen student

November 8, 2005

Lowndes County - Valwood students are making signs of support to encourage runners in this weekend's "Victory for Victoria" race. The event was planned several weeks ago to raise money for 8-year-old Victoria Newsome and her family. "She was diagnosed about a year and a half ago with an aggressive type of cancer," said Jamie Bird, Parent Association President.

But sadly, Victoria won't make it to the race planned in her honor. She passed away Sunday morning. Now, more than a fundraiser, the race will be a celebration of this little girl's life. "At the time we planned the race, we knew this was a possibility and we made the decision to always go forward with the race," said Bird.

The entire school is mourning the loss of this special student. "This is a picture of heaven with God and Jesus and Victoria," said Jack Helmes.

"Victoria was a treasured member of our Valwood family," said Lauren Bailey.

Students and teachers are wearing purple ribbons, Victoria's favorite color. But while the mood this week may be somber, they promise to make Saturday different. "We just want this to be an uplifting fun day, prior to her sickness, Victoria was an upbeat spunky child, she was even referred to as the Energizer Bunny times 10," said Bird.

They're encouraging the whole community, even those who didn't know Victoria, to come out and honor her memory. "She was so cute and didn't deserve this and we need to support their family," said Sarah Biehler.

"It's tragic to lose someone at such a young age, but Victoria was such an inspiration to all of us and I think we owe it to her and her family to celebrate the life she lived," said Bailey.

The life of a little girl who left a legacy this school will never forget.


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