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Take a flight on the wings of freedom

November 7, 2005

Tifton-- Want to take a flight through history? Climb aboard the Wings of Freedom in Tifton.

At the Henry Tift Meyers Airport, two famous planes from World War II are on display. This B-24 Liberator was used for bombing and deep penetration raids. A B-17 called "The Flying Fortress" served as part of the Air-Sea First Rescue Squadron. Walkthrough tours give you a chance to see what life was like for pilots during the war. They give veteran pilots a chance to reflect.

"We got shot up over Munich, got back to Luxemburg at 4 and the engine was on fire so we had to bail out," says veteran Talmadge Shuver.

"They flew these planes at high altitudes, 20 to 35,000 feet. No heat, no pressurizing. They wore oxygen masks," says Stock Coordinator Marty Steiner.

The planes are part of The Wings of Freedom tour and will be on display through Wednesday. You can even take a half-hour flight. For more information call 978-618-6626.

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