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Candidates are set for election

November 7, 2005

Albany -- Many of you will have the chance to go to the polls in local elections Tuesday. Election officials are hoping voter turn-out isn't bleak. There are just two contested city commission races in Albany - Ward Two and Ward Three.

Facilities crews set up voting machines at nine Albany precincts today, ahead of Tuesday's election. Linton James "We're trying to get everything in place here." The machines are locked down to prevent tampering," said Linton James of Dougherty County Facilities Management. "We attach each machine to this cable, so none could leave unless they come off this lock here."

Only the poll managers have the keys to unlock the machines. Voters in Ward Two, Three and Five will head to the polls to vote for a city commissioner.

In Ward Two, Freddy Grimsley is challenging Dorothy Hubbard. A packed race for Ward Three - with incumbent Arthur Williams being challenged by Morris Gurr, Christopher Pike, Bob Washington and Hank Young. George Hawthorne dropped out of the race so don't let his name on the ballot confuse you.

And incumbent Ward Five commissioner Bob Langstaff is running unopposed.

Elections supervisor Carolyn Hatcher hopes early voting isn't a indicator of overall voter turn-out. Only 87 people casts ballots last week. "Sometimes it's an indicator of the number of people that are going to turn-out, but I hope not in this case. I hope people do go to the polls," Hatcher said.

The ward boundaries changed some, so take a look at the voting precinct card you should have gotten in the mail. It will tell you which ward you live in now. Here's what you need to bring with you to the polls. "You don't have to have a government issued photo ID," said Hatcher. "There are 17 different items - it's back to the way it was last year. Anything from a driver's license to a utility bill or bank statement with their name on it."

The polls are open from 7 until 7.


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