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Women can be easy prey

November 4, 2005

Albany- Predators may see women as easy prey, but there are things they can do to protect themselves.

Self defense instructors say walk with a purpose, show confidence, don't fumble in your purse. Keep your head up and appear as though you are prepared to fight.

"A simple ink pen is your best weapon, no one is suspecting it as a weapon, but it can be a great weapon, to stab with, to poke with, and you want to strike any part of the body as hard as you possibly can," said Edwin Willis, Self defense teacher.

After you retaliate, get as far away from your attacker as possible. Other tips include, don't scream for help, scream fire to get the most attention. Always be aware of your surroundings, and if someone is following you and it doesn't feel right, find safe place and call police.

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