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Deerfield Windsor students donate to Red Cross Hurricane relief

November 4, 2005

Albany -- Deerfield Windsor students have provided more than 36 thousand dollars in money and goods to Hurricane Katrina victims. Student leaders say having six hurricane evacuees now as classmates makes them want to help.

Deerfield Windsor Student Government Co-Presidents Jackson Middleton and Laura Leigh Guillebeau present a check for five thousand dollars to the American Red Cross.

The students raised the money with their annual senior lunch auction. Laura Leigh Guillebeau said "With six students from Louisiana, we knew how much it affected them. And hard it was, and how much they needed just clothes, money, food, anything to help them get back on their feet."

Deerfield Students have gathered food, water, clothes and supplies, that were shipped to hurricane damaged areas. Middleton went through Mississippi last week, and was stunned by the devastation. Jackson Middleton said "They even had huge oak trees, just like we have here in South Georgia, that were just picked up like nothing and tossed through houses and everything."

Ellen Noble with the American Red Cross left the Southern Mississippi relief effort only days ago, and said gifts like these are desperately needed. "Not having power, not having water, not having a sewer lines. Not having the basic necessities to even build again. They are having to rebuild that area."

Deerfield Windsor students say they will continue to raise money and supplies and give volunteer hours for Hurricane relief.


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