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Deer / car collisions climbing

November 04, 2005

Bainbridge, Georgia-- Deer season is taking on a whole new meaning for Farm Bureau Insurance agent Buddy Bush. "Seems like during deer season is when we have the most claims," he says.

Claims involving deer versus cars. In fact, Bush is handling such a claim right now in Decatur County. "It happened to be a heavy duty farm pickup with a heavy grill, so that did help. But the damage is still, according to the estimate I've got, going to run about four thousand dollars," says Bush.

That's an all too familiar scenario Bush says, that happens mostly along Highway 84 and Highway 27 in Decatur. "We'll average probably three to five per week now through about February or March," says Bush.

Bush says most drivers see deer on the sides of the road. But it may not be the deer they see that causes the accident. "That deer goes ahead and crosses, and there's one following that deer, so you go ahead and that other deer runs into you," says Bush.

There have been more than 8,000 deer/car claims in Georgia over the past year. Avoiding more may be possible by not swerving. "We've had a couple of totals where vehicles have rolled when they avoid trying to hit the deer," says Bush. And in some cases, the people inside the car also get banged up.

Insurance officials say that over the past year, there have been more than 178,000 claims because of deer hitting cars. Pennsylvania topped the list.


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