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Wireless communication helps hospital O.R. care

November 2, 2005

Albany -- A new hands-free communication device is helping healing in the operating room at Phoebe Putney Hospital.

O.R. personnel have been wearing Vocera Instant Voice Communicators for about one month, and they say it has really helped.

 Everyone wears the wireless communicators, which are controlled by your voice. You never have to touch it to call another person and talk with them, increasing productivity.

In one room a Nurse simply says "call Dr. Pridgen." Dr. Pridgen's Vocera beeps, and the Nurse says "I need you to come to Room 15 and see if you can get my job started." The Doctor replies "OK, I'm on my way."

 O.R. Director Carol Wright said "She can have that direct one on one conversation with them, rather than waiting for them to call back on a phone that she has to go to a wall to answer."

Right now the people working in the Operating Room facilities on the hospital's eighth and ninth floors are using the Vocera Communicators, but more are expected to begin use in other departments.

The communications project is costing the hospital about 200-thousand dollars.

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