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Voters decide on liquor referendum

Adel - Walter Byrd is opening a new Mexican restaurant in Adel. "We're probably a couple of weeks away from opening," said Byrd.

Panchos will offer the traditional Mexican favorites, and Byrd is hoping that includes cocktails. "I think a lot of people would like to come in and have a margarita, that just goes with Mexican food," said Byrd.

Whether or not margaritas make the menu will be decided next week, when Adel residents vote yes or no to a liquor by the drink referendum. If passed, it will only allow the sale of liquor in establishments with most of their sales coming from food, not in free standing bars or stores. "Its a completely different environment than a bar or pool rooms," said Byrd.

Byrd and his attorney, Terry Barnick, are encouraging people to vote yes for the sake of Cook County's growth. "We're sitting on an Interstate exit which is worth its weight in gold, if you know how to capitalize on it," said Barnick.

They think Adel is losing out to nearby towns like Valdosta and Tifton, where restaurants do offer mixed drinks. "I go to the Outback and half of Cook County is there," said Barnick.

"Any of the restaurants, from Applebees to whatever, if you want them, they don't come into any town if they don't have those types of services," said Byrd.

The referendum doesn't seem to be getting much opposition. Most of the people we talked with say they'll vote yes. "If people want to drink, they're going to do it anyway so that will be more income in Cook County," said Vera Mitchell.

If the referendum doesn't pass, it can't be put back on the ballot for another two years.


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