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New H.E.A.T. cars coming to Dougherty County

November 1, 2005

Albany -- The Governor's Office of Highway Safety will spend more than three million dollars to keep H.E.A.T. units on Georgia's roads.

H.E.A.T. stands for Highway Enforcement of Aggressive Traffic. The two Albany Police Department H.E.A.T. officers will also be back in 2006, fighting to stop high risking driving dangers.

Slow down or you might see these Blue H.E.A.T. cars after you. The H.E.A.T. officers in Albany are some of the hardest working in the Highway Enforcement Program. H.E.A.T. Officer Cpl. Frank Herndon said "I've noticed that it has made a difference."

With crashes in Albany reduced four and a half percent, The Governor's Office of Highway Safety announced they will sponsor those two Albany H.E.A.T. cars with a 119 thousand dollar grant for another year. Cpl. Herndon said "Maybe we won't have to write so many tickets. Maybe we will have more voluntary compliance out here on the roadways."

Dougherty County's Police Department also was awarded a H.E.A.T. grant of around 100-thousand dollars, to put two cars and one new officer on County roads. Dougherty County Police Chief Don Cheek said "It's just more enforcement capability for us, which we hope will make for safer roadways for the people in Dougherty County."

 H.E.A.T. officers target roads that have problems with speeders and impaired drivers, hopefully saving lives. Dougherty County Police Sgt. J.C. Phillips said "Our goal is through the H.E.A.T. program to reduce the number of fatal and serious injury accidents that we have had recently."

The Dougherty County Police expect to have their H.E.A.T. cars in duty with-in 90 days.


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