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The Littlest Golfer

November 1, 2005

AMERICUS -- Golf is not an easy game.

Sometimes described as "A good walk spoiled," the sport often manages to make the most gifted athletes look awkward, and the average downright terrible, which makes one little golfer in Americus all the more impressive.

Thad Clark just recently turned five years old, and is already averaging just over 100 for a round of golf.

To put that in perspective...most adult golfers never break 100 in their lifetime.

Clark knows he has people impressed.

"They usually scratch their heads. They don't know what I'm doing, but they just keep scratching on, scratching their heads."

Clark's great-grandfather and coach Jimmy Faircloth says, "It has got people talking, there's been a lot of people talking."

Clark never played on a course before this past summer, but Faircloth says now it's hard to get him off it.

"He never says lets quit. Hasn't since we started. It's just something that was a gift, I reckon."

"It just come to my blood, and my heart," says Clark.

When he's not on the course, Clark is never far from the game.

Faircloth says, "Several times we'd miss him, go in and check on him, see where he's at, and he's in watching the boys play on Saturday."

Clark even has some favorite golfers.

Well, sort of.

"Tiger Woods and......Phil Mickerson," says Clark.

Close Enough.


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