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Nervous Delphi employees await an answer

November 1, 2005

Fitzgerald -- Hundreds of Fitzgerald employees anxiously wait to hear what auto parts maker Delphi will decide to do with their plant. The company filed for bankruptcy protection last month citing high labor costs, and several of its plants, including Fitzgerald's, could be on the chopping block.

Economic Development Director John Flythe says the United Auto Workers president and chairman met with Delphi officials today to discuss the company's restructuring plans. Some say reorganization could cost workers and auto companies ten billion dollars.

The more than 200 Fitzgerald workers are some of the highest paid employees in Ben Hill County.

Flythe says he's concerned, but not worried. "We think we're still going to be okay. If Delphi declares the bankruptcy, and they might spin this one off, then there's some interest from other companies that would like to take a look at it. So, we think we're going to be in good shape whatever happens with the Delphi group," says Flythe.

But employees say they aren't as optimistic. Some say they were offended CEO Robert "Steve" Miller was quoted as saying the company could not afford to pay workers $65.00 an hour to mow the lawn.

About 20 employees say they plan to protest tomorrow morning and ride their lawnmowers to work.


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