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Hearing for DUI killer postponed

November 1, 2005

Leesburg -- Thomas Bass was arrested in September for driving drunk just months after being released from prison for vehicular homicide and D.U.I. The family of a Lee County teen killed in a 1999 drunk driving crash vows to continue their fight to see Bass locked up again.

The Brown family and friends leave the Lee County courtroom. The D.U.I. hearing for 26 year old Thomas Bass was postponed because his lawyer is trying another case in a Florida courtroom. The hearing is rescheduled November 15th.

The victim's mother, Tammie Brown said, "I will tear up the roads between here and Florida until this is settled." The mother of the 15-year-old boy Bass killed in a 1999 drunk driving crash, says they want Bass back in prison. "I'm going to do everything I can to make sure he never gets the opportunity to hurt another child."

Bass plead guilty in 1999 to nine counts of vehicular homicide and Driving under the Influence. Christopher Brown was killed when hit by the drunk driver while riding bikes with his best friend on Stocks Dairy Road in Lee County. Bass drove away with Christopher's bicycle still lodged under the car when Police stopped him.

Brown said, "We have spent six years of our lives trying to claim any peace of mind."

After serving six years in prison, Bass was released in June. In September he was arrested in Lee County again for possession of drugs and Drunk Driving.

Before his release, Bass swore to Tammie Brown he would do good with his life. "He failed miserably. And this time I'm angry," Brown said.

Now the Brown family wants Bass behind bars for the remainder of his 20 year sentence. They will be there to see what the Judge decides. "Anybody who drives on this road is not safe when he is allowed to make choices," Brown said.

Christopher Brown's family says they will continue to fight for tougher D.U.I. laws in Georgia, and to make sure Thomas Bass stays behind bars and off the roads. Thomas Bass is in the Lee County jail on drug, traffic, and D.U.I. charges.

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