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Take a trip through the haunted forest

October 30, 2005

Dougherty County-- On Halloween Eve, some south Georgians traveled by foot into the deep, dark dirt paths of the woods. They were faced by a surprise at each turn.

If you travel down dark Fleming Road, a single light points the way to the deep, scary woods. "There is something in there that will get you," says organizer Capp Council. It's all smiles at the beginning of the trail, but by the first turn, it's all screams.

"It's not fun. It's scary," says Katie Powell. You name it, this haunted forest has it. "Something different every year," says Council. Everything from familiar frightening faces to those you never want to see again. "It was because they kept jumping out at us. It was scary. So cold," says Macy Watson.

Deep in the woods, the deepest fears come to light. "People falling down, falling on top of people, peeing in their pants, you know? The usual," says Council. It's especially frightening when it's dark and quiet. Then all of a sudden, a sound. "The chainsaw," says Watson.

You have to keep your focus on what's ahead but you never know whats behind you. Anything can be lurking in the trees or hiding in the dark. "They kept coming up behind us, breathing down our necks," says Kelly Jones.

This Halloween, if you're looking for a scare travel to the haunted forest. "The woods in the night, it's got to be the worst place to be," says Council. Make sure you're ready to meet some of it's darkest creatures waiting at every turn.

This is the 12th year of the Haunted Forest. Proceeds will benefit three organizations including the Worth County ROTC. Kids can also trick or treat for free Halloween night. For more information, visit www.albhauntedforest.com.

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