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Make sure you have a permit for that burn

October 28, 2005

Albany-- The Georgia Forestry Commission issues a warning. Think twice before you burn.

The commission says this will be an extremely dangerous fire season. With two months of drought and a cold front this week, no burn permits will be issued in the southwest counties like Mitchell and Baker. Permits will be restricted and screened in Dougherty County.

Rangers urge everyone to make sure they have a permit to burn. If you don't obtain a permit and the Forestry Commission is called to an out of control burn, you'll be stuck with a bill of up to $1,000.

"It just takes a minute to call us and we can give you the conditions and let you know what's going on. That way it'll keep you from burning down your neighbor's property, your house or whatever," says Dougherty County Chief Ranger Dianne Pietras.

The commission will be doing random checks to make sure everyone is following the rules. For permit requests or questions, the commission has a new toll-free number. It's 1-800-OK-2-BURN.