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Use caution when trick or treating

October 28, 2005

Lowndes County - LCSO deputies are putting the finishing frightful touches on their Safe Halloween Fair. "We're seeing more and more people pulling pranks that wind up hurting people, and we don't want a child to get hurt," said Capt. J.D. Yeager.

That's why they're giving kids and parents a safe alternative to trick or treating. More than 100 public safety personnel will be on hand at the sheriff's office Monday night to give out candy and supervise dozens of carnival activities. "They're going to get to play games and ride rides that we know are safe and we're going to take care of the kids," said Yeager.

But for those who do take the option of trick or treating out in the community, Yeager says be extra careful. Hundreds of kids strolling door to door combined with street traffic and low lighting can make a dangerous situation. "Although they are wearing Halloween costumes, they need something that reflects and shows people that they are there," said Yeager.

And even though most kids want to hit as many houses as they can, they should only visit homes they're familiar with. "I don't like to see kids out there trick or treating out the houses of people they don't know, you just can't be comfortable with it anymore," said Yeager.

It's also important to check your child's candy when you get home. Make sure its all factory wrapped and doesn't look like its been tampered with. "We don't suggest taking fruits and things like that, don't allow the kids to have it," said Yeager.

A few helpful tips to make this Halloween a spooky and safe one.


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