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Dog adoption month winds down

October 27, 2005

Thomasville, Georgia-- The Thomas County Humane Society is using National Shelter Dog Adoption Month to spread the word about neutering or spaying your pet. That's one guaranteed way to help reduce the number of animals shelters have to euthanize.

For Ronda Shiver, each day is a busy one at the shelter. "Take in the animals, write them in, then clean up," says Shiver.

Shiver helps take care of hundreds of animals each day, many of them dogs the shelter director says are dropped off at night, or by owners who don't want them anymore. "We can only house about four hundred animals here at one time. And we take in probably over five thousand a year. Eventually they have to be euthanized if they don't find homes," says Carol Jones.

That's a heart wrenching dose of reality that reinforces National Shelter Dog Adoption Month. It costs only $75 to adopt, where a breeder can be more than quadruple that. "All these shelter animals must be spayed or neutered either before they leave here or before they reach the age of six months," says Jones.

A state law the animals' potential owner has to agree to when filling out an application. "We want to make sure that the animal is going to have a safe and healthy environment," says Jones.

Especially after they've been through a shelter. And the one thing the dogs want that they can't ask for themselves, "Just want's somebody to love on her," says Shiver, you can give by going to the shelter during banker's hours Tuesday through Friday.

Most of the dogs that come into Thomas County's shelter are mixed breeds, which are known to have great personalities. If you'd like more information, call the Humane Society at 228-0613.


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