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Cheap gas prices spotted in S. Georgia!

October 26, 2005

Rochelle-- The average price of regular unleaded gasoline in Albany is about $2.45 a gallon. But we found a gas station in south Georgia with gas forty-five cents cheaper.

Business is booming here at the Aden's gas station in Rochelle.

"Today has been wild, crazy. I mean it's just been out of control," say station manager, Rita Calhoun.

And with good reason, gas here is selling for just $2.00 a gallon.

"All day long people have been lined up in the streets for gas," she says.

Right now, the national average price for regular gasoline is $2.59. the average here in Georgia is $2.58. But here at Aden's the price for unleaded doesn't even compare.

"I think God it's going down," says Wilma Thompkins. Thompkins drove an hour away just to take advantage of the cheap gas. "It ain't nobody but God, and i thank God that it's really going down."

Johnny Dinnard couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the price of gas at Aden's.

"I'm real surprised everybody should do that," says Dinnard.

So why is gas so cheap here? Store manager Rita Calhoun says it all has to do with beating the competition.

"Anything that anybody in town drops to, we try to compete with them just to keep all out customers and stuff and make them happy," says Calhoun.

 Just down the street in Rochelle, gas at the Petro station is selling regular unleaded for $2.14 a gallon, and they're still bringing in plenty of business.

And while it's not as cheap as Aden's, it's still cheaper than most stations.

"It's good. I don't have any idea why," say Charles Sutton.

Charles Sutton doesn't question why gas prices are cheaper in this small town,  he's just happy they're here. 

"It gives the town a good name, and it saves us money," he says.

Drivers say they're happy gas prices in Rochelle has dipped below $2.20, or at least most people are anyway.

"Some people still complain and say it's too high, but other than that, they're very happy about it," says Calhoun.

A fall blend of gasoline is now being used and this blend costs stations less than the summer blend, resulting in lower prices for you.



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