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Voters cans still present 17 forms of ID, for now

October 26, 2005

Albany- State lawmakers passed a bill earlier this year that would require voters to show a state issued ID at the polls, hoping it would cut down on voter fraud.

A federal court judge suspended the enforcement of the law, but the state attorney general's office filed an appeal

"We had new forms. We had new voter certificates that showed the six kinds of I-D we had new posters that we posted. Now we had to go back and scratch all that and go back the old ones. So, it's been a little confusing, but by the time the election comes around we'll have everything in order ," says Dougherty County Elections Supervisor Carolyn Hatcher.

There are 17 kinds of identification that voters can show when going to the polls. They include a Georgia driver's license, current bank statement, social security card and even valid employee or student photo ID.


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