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City adopts five year strategic plan

October 25, 2005

Albany-- City of Albany leaders hope to save millions of dollars with the help of a management plan. A consulting firm spelled out several ways the city can save with a five-year strategy. Tuesday, commissioners voted to adopt the plan. The city manager says some of those plans have already been put in motion.

City Manager Alfred Lott looks through the heavy book that spells out five years worth of strategies for the city of Albany. "It's quite a bit to sort through," says Lott. The strategic plan was developed by consulting firm Capital Principles to help get the city on track. It covers everything from finances to a breakdown in budgets.

"A lot of very work has been done by Capital Principles but now is the time for us to do our part," says Lott. Lott now plans to implement some of those strategies but still wants Capital to serve as a source of information for the city. Under a new $64,000 contract, they'll come back for several monthly reviews. A 20 day session is scheduled for as early as next month.

"What I'm going to do is go through in those twenty days this whole process in a laborious fashion and slug through each one," says Lott. Lott says there are some recommendations he already doesn't agree with but plans to weed through every detail. "I think I just want to attack the plan in total," says Lott.

That plan is already at work. It asked for things like a reduction in some city staff to the removal of car allowances. Some changes have already saved the city money. "To date, the plan has provided savings of up to $1.6 million dollars," says Lott.

Over time the city can save up to $19 million if the plan is implemented correctly. "We have it all laid out for us. All we have to do is use our heads and think smart, gain some confidence," says Lott. The city manager says the five year strategic plan for Albany will be worth going through the hundreds of pages in the plan.

After the first 20 day meeting with Capital Principles, Lott will schedule an in-progress review to decide what changes will be relevant to the city. With this new contract, the city will pay Capital a total of $260,000.



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