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The hunt is on for Halloween costumes

October 23, 2005

Albany-- With only a week left until Halloween, the search is on for the perfect costume. Whether it's the spooky or cute, shoppers young and old look for the perfect fit.

It comes around once a year and it's almost time for kids to say three famous words. "Trick or treat," says 10-year-old Matthew Rogers. Before those three words are said, they have to find one perfect Halloween costume. "O.K. it's got, it's got sequins all over it," says 8-year-old Devan Deaver. Parents have plenty to choose from. "Power Rangers, action heroes, Superman, Batman," says parent Dana Wallace.

But some small shoppers already had their minds made up before they hit the store. "I think this year he's leaning towards Spider-Man," says Wallace. "I kind of like those muscle things that it has and I kind of like the color," says 8-year-old Christian Wallace. Super hero costumes are always popular with the young male trick-or-treaters. So are the spooky choices.

"I just like to go around and scare my sisters. It's fun," says 10-year-old Matthew.

Some young ladies are moving away from the traditional princess and fairy costumes. "A devil!," says 8-year-old Devan. No matter the choice, it has to be just right. "It fits me," says Christian. Of course children are finding that perfect fit but for the young at heart, Halloween has a place for them as well. "I think this one's cute because it makes a sexy witch. This one just looks like a regular witch." Decisions, decisions. Which one to choose?

"I think the sexy one!," she says. The choice is already definite for some anxious ones. "I already picked it. It's a Hello Kitty witch costume," says 6-year-old Terrell Deaver. The anxiety of the hunt for the perfect costume leads to one thing for kids.

"Candy!," says Devan. "I like trick-or-treating because you get to have lots of candy and stuff," says Christian. Hats are off to the winner for this year's best costume. The search begins again next year.

According to the National Retail Federation, the most popular costume this year will be the wall-climbing super-hero Spider-Man.



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