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Gas prices fall, the fall blend has arrived

October 23, 2005

Tifton- Gas prices have been at an all time high this summer, but over the last two weeks prices have fallen 25 cents. While prices are still nearly 50 cents higher than last year, these cheaper prices are a result of a different blend in station tanks.

$2.29 a gallon at the Citgo on Newton Road in Albany.  $2.39 at the EZ Mart in Tifton. Gas prices still aren't cheap, but it's getting better.

"$2.49, $2.39 yeah, that would be nice, $2.49, $2.39," said Edward Frey Sr. of Tifton.

"It's better than $3.50," said Elizabeth Wiggins of TyTy.

The fall blend of gasoline has made its way into gas station tanks. It cost less to buy than the summer blend, dropping prices for motorists as well.

"I try to find the least expensive gas, you know everybody's got different gas prices so I try to shop around and find some cheaper gas," said Frey.

Several weeks ago, state officials said the fall blend would be sold earlier than November in hopes of lowering prices and providing relief for drivers who have cut back.

"They've kept me in more. I have to go to the doctor a lot so they've kept me in more, except when I have to go to the doctor," said Wiggins.

"I haven't filled up my vehicle in a long time because of the price going up as high as it does, but dropping back down like this maybe I'll won't have to keep putting in some much," said Stacie Dove of Tifton.

While some prices have fallen, diesel still remains high.

"Cheaper, not here in Georgia, Georgia's the highest in this area for diesel," said truck driver James Faiola of Tifton.

Those higher costs are forcing many to park their trucks and walk away. "Some of them have had to get rid of their trucks, they just can't afford it, not like that. It's just hurting the little man," said Faiola.

Normally, the fall blend of gasoline isn't available to stations until middle to late November.



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