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Home building makes a difference

October 22, 2005

Albany-- Saturday was Make a Difference Day all over the nation and some differences made a mark right here in South Georgia.

It's Make a Difference Day and kids are doing big work to some small houses. "We're building bathouses, bug houses, windows and we want to build bird houses," says brother and sister Donald and Cicelyn Kelly.

 For Donald and Cicelyn Kelly, the biggest work is being done to a much bigger house that requires several hands. The final product will belong to them. "I'm happy, very happy," says Cicelyn. Their old house was lost over a year ago to a fire. Now new sawdust is proof of a rebuild, thanks to Flint River Habitat for Humanity. "We started this house a week ago and because of volunteers, we got as far as we have," says Flint River Habitat Volunteer Coordinator Gretchen Gee.

"It can only be done through volunteers and I'm only one person but I can make make a difference by nailing just one nail," says volunteer Janie Diedell. With just a hammer and a nail, volunteers are building a foundation. The result? Something higher and bigger than the roof of the home. "It gives me the energy knowing I made a difference in someone's life," says Diedell.

Over 30 volunteers turned out for Make A Difference Day which falls right in the middle of Habitat's Building on Faith Week. "Kind of like a little power boost to get everyone going," says Gee. Volunteers will use that power boost with each bang of the hammer.

"As long as God gives me the strength to come," says Diedell. And the best part for the family comes when the home is complete. For Donald, his first mission will begin inside. "Go into my room and play," says Donald Kelly. That play comes after the hard teamwork of volunteers and families.

Volunteers worked all day to get as much done as possible. They hope to have the home complete by October 29th.

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