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Efforts made to keep Albany's "Rivers Alive"

October 22, 2005

Albany- Members of Keep Albany Dougherty Beautiful were making an effort to keep Albany's rivers alive. Volunteers hoping to make a difference pulled on their gloves and picked up trash as part of the annual Rivers Alive clean up along the Flint River.

Bag after bag of bottles, cans, tires and debris were collected from the banks of the Flint River in Albany. "We found some plastic and things that looked like it was deposited by the flood, because it was about six feet up in the tree," said Doug Porter, Director of The Parks at Chehaw.

More than 50 volunteers walked the banks or paddled their way, collecting what others had left behind. "It's well needed, what we're doing here, it's well needed," said Chuck Mathis, a volunteer.

"We got into this one area back here that looked like it was the bottle graveyard, full of beer bottles, we got a whole bag full of beer bottles," said Porter.

What some people found, left them disgusted. "Well look, there's a washer and a dryer, now how would they get that down here," questioned Reggie Faulkner of Albany.

"If you look around, you can see trails of wildlife, how they're still, got this place inhabited and yet we're polluting it with things we have a place for such items to go," said Mathis.

According to Keep Albany Dougherty Beautiful director Judy Bowles, water is the plant's most precious resource and the group hopes Saturday's efforts won't be wasted.

"The rivers and the streams are our natural source of water and they intertwine with the drinking water aquifers that we drink water out of, so very important that we keep this clean," said Mathis.

The area cleaned up Saturday will eventually be developed into a walking trail connecting the existing Riverwalk to the Parks at Chehaw. Plans for the work are in development.

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