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Big gator gets a new home

October 20, 2005

Albany -- A huge alligator is saved from the processing plant, and brought to its new home at the Flint Riverquarium.

It took about eight men and women to carefully secure and unloaded the 8 foot 10 inch American alligator. He was then released into the blue hole, where he basked in the sun for awhile before diving in.

The gator was trapped in a private pond in Colquitt County. "We actually paid for the alligator," said CEO Doug Noble. "That gator would have been heading down to a processing plant to be turned into purses, shoes, or belts. The gator meat would have been processed as well."

The alligator is probably between 10 and 12 years old, and can live up to 60 years in captivity. They haven't named the big guy yet.


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